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About Us 

Since its founding in January 1994, at Innova-Tec we have provided IT Consulting, Analysis and Development in several platforms. Since 1998, we have specialized in providing comprehensive services for the management of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions.

Over time and as part of our business strategy, we have concentrated our resources to specialize in the management of various solutions, such as Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle e-Business Suite, SAP, Goal 4 and Intelisis. This has strengthened us in knowledge of not only the tools, but in business processes and best practices in the areas of Payroll, Human Resources, Finance and Distribution, and has placed us competitively above similar companies in the market. 

Currently, we are a group of consultants with extensive experience in the implementation and development of systems, with a thorough knowledge of the market and a fresh vision in providing IT services.


Provide services in Information Technology and Business Process Consulting, becoming strategic business partners of our customers, supported by our quality, experience, professionalism and market knowledge.


To be perceived as one of the Mexican more robust and reliable companies in IT and Financial and Industrial Business Processes Consulting, and become the best choice for outsourcing Consulting Services for the great international consulting firms.

Having certified personnel in the products we offer and aligned with the industry operating methodologies. 

To enrich the current offer in software solutions with the experience of our consultants, promoting the development of ad-hoc solutions to the requirements of the Mexican market and considering global best practices.


  • We are a company that constantly innovates by self-learning and adapting to new features and work schemes.
  • The experience and honesty are our greatest strengths in our consulting work with clients.
  • Our results are the best guarantee of recurrence in the relationship with our clients and business partners.
  • We maintain an open policy with our employees to promote individual growth and stability for the best group result.
  • Flexibility in our relationship with clients: we adapt in methodology, objectives, ways of work, budget, scope and project outline for the best win-win relationship with them.
  • Our format allows us to offer very competitive prices without sacrificing the quality of our services.